Tuesday, July 20, 2010

120 eye color palette and what I wore today.

Hey guys! This is going to be a quick post. I have a dinner date tonight and I'm bound to be late.

I sent an email to Suzannah @ Adventures in Dressmaking to see if she could help me with an issue I have regarding belts that are too long. Check out her quick fix tips and read the creative ideas her readers have shared. I actually went out to purchase a package of snaps this afternoon. I have posted about Suzannah's blog in the past, but it is absolutely one of my favorites. Thanks again for your help Suzannah!

The BF surprised me today with a little gift. He was running errands during the day and picked up a beautiful 120 eye color palette for me. He gets major points for this! I love the compact too - It's perfect for travel!  Here is what I was currently using for the summer:

Milani Cosmetics, Runway Eyes (Buy it Here)

Here is the amazing palette...I'm so excited. I can't wait to use it! Practically every color of the rainbow available at my finger tips :).

Profusion, Ultimate Blockbuster (Buy it Here)

Outfit Pick: I felt a little green today, so I wore one of the most comfortable dresses in my closet. Had to keep it interesting...I paired it with my giraffe-print peep toes.

Dress :: Banana Republic
Belt :: Ann Taylor
Necklace :: Forever 21
Shoes :: Mossimo
Handbag :: Coach

Have a great night! :)

Natasha xoxo


  1. Love what you're wearing here! What a pretty color.

    Found your blog via a comment you left on my sari post at G&G, just wanted to pop by and say thank you. Also, am following you now! :)

    Leia's Delights

  2. Jaw dropping speechless!! 120 colours!!! Wow. Major brownie points for the BF.

    I always have the exact same problems with belts. People are so good at tucking in the ends so that it looks so chic. I tend to just use double sided tape but that can totally ruin the belt!


  3. cute outfit - I love that colour. And wow, that is so sweet of your boyfriend x



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