Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Teen Khardashian, Material Girl and Outfit Picks.

Hello Dolls! It’s Wednesday and I am so excited that half the work week is over. Aren't you? Although I should probably be studying this weekend, I have a Miami trip planned [with friends] and I’m looking forward to catching up on some much needed girl time. I have a midterm exam due next weekend, so I’m hoping that when I get back on Sunday, my mind will be refreshed and ready to get to work. Am I the only one that procrastinates with school work?!? :)

I’m sure you have heard about the controversy surrounding the Kendall Jenner photo shoot. She is the 14-year old sister of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Khardashian. Recently, she served as the spokesmodel for Forever 21.  Much news has been made about the sexiness of the photos. I think they are beautiful, but Kendall definitely looks a lot older than she is. The bikini just doesn’t appear age-appropriate.What do you think?

  Photos courtesy of the Official Kim Khardashian

Did you girls know that Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon is actually starting her own “tween/teen” line called Material Girl? I was indulging in my daily celebrity gossip and read a little snippet. Some of her pieces are really cute and the line definitely features a taste her mother’s style. I could definitely see little girls wanting to wear these clothes. Here are some images that were taken during a recent photo shoot:

 Photos courtesy of the The Fab Life

Outfit pick: I wanted to wear something bright and cheerful today, so I decided on my yellow floral-printed, pocketed skirt. I LOVE pockets on dresses and skirts, don't you?! I paired with my new nude was the perfect match! 

Blouse :: GoJane
Skirt :: Forever 21
Shoes :: Mossimo (Buy it Here)
Necklace :: Forever 21
Handbag :: Dooney & Burke

Do you ever plan weekend getaways with your girls? What do you do? Where do you go?

Happy hump day,
Natasha xoxo


  1. Great outfit! What a good F21 find, so chic!

    As for the Khardashian photos, I don't know what to say...they seem a bit provocative for a 14 year old but in modeling age doesn't matter. You're just the face for some brand and the idea they're promoting. Hopefully she acts her age while not modeling!

    Have so so soooo much fun in MIA! I love girls weekends. My favorite trip to date is when my 2 best friends from college and I went to Key West for Labor Day about a riot!

  2. Ooohhh wow! I love Key West. I went down one weekend for a festival they were having and was quite shocked about how the whole TOWN shuts down to party. :)


  3. i LOVE your outfit! love love your skirt (i cannot believe it's forever 21).

  4. Tania - I couldn't believe it either! It was on the clearance racks for $8.99, and when I took it to the register, it was only $4.99! Don't you love when that happens?!


  5. That skirt is amazing! I love the pattern!

  6. Hello Natasha! Thank you for visiting my new blog!
    I just looked at your I really like!
    I'm envious of your life in florida .... I dream of coming to florida!
    your blog is nice and full of beautiful photos!
    if you want .... I follow your blog and you follow mine?!?

  7. Well, THATS Kim Kardashian? She definetely looks damn hot, but very different!

    Thanks for passing by at

  8. Love your outfit and photos,good weekend :)

  9. Kendall is super cute...and I am loving her new photos...and Madonna's daughter has the best style...great blog :)


  10. where did you find those behind the scene pictures? super cool

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