Friday, July 16, 2010

Movie weekend ahead.

I am extremely behind on my movies and honestly, I'm not getting the jokes in the office. lol. I haven't even seen Iron Man 2. I know, I know... It's terrible! Ha! There are a few theaters that are still showing it. I have a busy weekend ahead, but wanted to do some "movie hopping" on Sunday. Here's my list of must-see movies:


Outfit Pick: Fridays are dress down days in the office, so I wore a pair of slightly damaged, 7 jeans,  and an oversized, pink boyfriend tee. Since I didn't post yesterday, here's what I wore. Not only am I the biggest fan of wrap dresses, but purple is my favorite color!:)

Dress :: Boutique in Miami
Cami :: Banana Republic
Shoes :: Nine West

FYI: You guys get a glimpse of the dirt patches on my lawn. Ya, that's all meeeee. I tend to have a problem driving on the drive-way. I'm hoping daddy will be able to patch that up for me this weekend :)

What are your favorite summer movies? Is there anything else I should add to my list?

Have a fabulous weekend,
Natasha xoxo

Movie photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies


  1. love your dress! nice blog you have here :)

    thanks btw for taking the time to visit mine :)

  2. I saw Inception last night---it was SO good. Stressful with all of the action but the plot was really interesting.

    Grownup is HILARIOUS!

    Cute outfit!

  3. Nice dress :)
    Thanx for your comment ! ^^


  4. Thanks for your interest in the blogger swap! Right now we have 15, however I am waiting for 4 people to email me back. If they don't by the end of the day we will count you in :)
    xo Lynzy


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