Saturday, July 24, 2010

Work events, new blackberry and new shoes.

This week has been super super busy for me. I had two successful work events and I even got to meet a few celebrities. When you’re barely 5 feet 5 inches tall (with heels), professional basketball players are practically giants! For most of the week I was scrambling in the office to complete some work. Not being in the office can really put you behind. I’m sure when I return on Monday, I’ll at least have 100 emails or so to answer—You can only reply to soo many emails on your Blackberry.

Speaking of Blackberry, I purchased a new one today. My old phone was pretty beat up (it must have been all the times I dropped my phone lol) and I’ve been eying the newest Blackberry Bold model. I go through phones a little too often, so hopefully this will last a little bit longer than the last one.

I was lucky enough to participate in a blog sale Veronika (@ Veronika’s Blushing) was having this past weekend. I received my package this week and Waallllaaahh! They are a half size too big (I will make it work), but I can’t wait to wear these beauties next season.

Jessica Simpson Rachella Ankle Boots (Buy it here)

Also, remember the Mossimo Nude heels I purchased on Monday at Target? I never got to share a  photo. They were on sale for $20 and it was the last pair remaining on the shelf, so I had to add them to my basket. I plan on wearing them this week, so I’ll be sure to post an outfit pick.

Mossimo Virginia Pumps (Buy it here)

Outfit pick: Here’s what I wore to one of my work events this week. I was thrilled when I remembered I had the orange INC skirt in my closet…and never wore it! I paired it with a chunky black belt, black blouse and peep toe heels.

Blouse :: Banana Republic
Belt :: Banana Republic
Skirt :: International Concepts (INC)
Shoes :: Nine West

Have any plans for the weekend? I don't have much planned, however, I definitely need to catch up on my Zzzzzs. After this week, some rest is in order! :)

Natasha xoxo


  1. Love that skirt----it looks fabulous!

  2. Those black ankle boots are amazing! I love them. And what a nice pair of nude pumps, I'm sure they will be a very versatile item in your wardrobe.

  3. LOVE the JS boots... I will def. need to get some for fall : ) Also, super cute outfit!

  4. Those target shoes are amazing!! Love nude heels!! And thanks to reading your blog I came across Veronika's and am hooked! Many thanks :)

    Thanks for entering the giveaway!! I know what you mean about overpriced books, after 3 years of law school I cringe looking at textbooks. I don't know if you use at all, but try it out! Amazingly cheap :) thus more money to shop!!

  5. Mere - Found the skirt on clearance at Macy's! Sometimes you have to dig into though racks but its sooo worth it!

    Rach - Thanks. I always seem to walk into Target to grab just a few things, then I end up leaving with everything else but what was on my can't beat some of their sale prices :)

    Rebecca - I would definitely recommend that you grab a pair of booties. They go so well with skirts (with tights) and pants (skinny jeans especially).

    POL - Isn't her blog awesome?! I learn so much from Veronika's blog. Glad you are hooked like the rest of us :)

  6. Lovely Shoes)

  7. how did i not know that jessica simpson did clothes???? wow i am so late. like the boots, theyre classic. Great start to a new blog ;-)

  8. LOVING the shoes! hope you had a great weekend

    stop by sometime <3

  9. cute new shoes! never would've guessed that you are so teeny. And loving the skirt x

  10. Yelena/Anna/iundereye/jamie -

    Thanks, I can't wait to wear them :) Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.


  11. Great blog!

  12. I had my eye on those boots from Veronika. They are so cute on you. Glad they went to a good home. You can easily make them work since it is a bootie.


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