Saturday, August 21, 2010

School weekend ahead.

It's Friday! Whhooohooo! I had a long week at work and I've never been happier that the weekend is here. Unfortunately, it's a school weekend. I had class tonight and I'll have class tomorrow, but none-the-less, I plan on making the most of my Saturday and Sunday.

One of my coworkers is literally a shopaholic and she probably subscribes to every retail promotion email list. After surprising one of my favorite vendors with an assortment of Planet Smoothies for breakfast, i arrived at the office, only to find ten sheets of printed paper sitting on my desk. I was in heaven. Do you know what those pieces of paper were? Printable coupons for my favorite retailers - VS, Express, New York & Company, and more! I totally owe her lunch :) Do you have a co-worker that looks out for you 100%? I feel so fortunate!

Outfit Pick: Here's what i wore today to work. I had some errands to run, so I centered my outfit around my CV flat sandals. A white cardigan was my first choice, but then I remembered my salmon-colored cropped sweater. It was instantly a winner...I thought it added some color to the mix!

Dress :: American Eagle
Cardigan :: Old Navy
Shoes :: Cynthia Vincent for Target (purchase here)
Handbag :: Coach

Think of me tomorrow as I sit through four hours of lecture! Urggghhh...

Niters Ladies,

Natasha xoxo


  1. hope you enjoy your day, happy weekand btw.
    and cute cardi for the outfit.
    this 1st time i saw you, mind to exchange link and follow each other? i would be great :)

  2. That's so sweet of your co-worker! I have a group of friends who are like that. Each time we find a good coupon, we just post the link or code on Facebook. It's a great way to share and save!

    This outfit is adorable. Love the neckline and mix of colors.

  3. Thanks ladies. I was a bit unsure about the salmon cardi, but I liked how it turned out! Hope you're having a great weekend.

    Natasha xoxo

  4. im loving the combination of colours from your outfit! x

  5. Just found your blog today, browsed through lots and lots of pages and decided I love it!

    p.s. I'm usually that friend who sends everybody coupons!


  6. 20 york street :: Thanks for your sweet comment! I'm enjoying your blog as well :)

    Natasha xoxo

  7. Ok I just love this dress. It is perfect for both summer and fall. Throw on the cardi and some boots and you have an awesome fall outfit. Very cute!

  8. cute!! i wish i had a friend like that!


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