Monday, August 23, 2010

Snapshots: weekend in review.

I was able to cram some time for school, shopping and hanging out with friends this weekend. Both Friday night and Saturday morning I spent a total of 8 hours in lecture - Not exactly the most exciting part of my weekend. lol.

Kendal, one of my friends from college, took a detour into town to spend some quality time with me! It was nice to see her and meet the new man in her life. i.e. Decide whether or not he was good enough for my doll! ;) He passed with flying colors and had a blast catching up as we hopped bar to bar! I haven't worn this romper in quite a while, and since Kendal was wearing black and gold, we kinda matched...reminded us of college!

Romper :: Forever 21
Shoes :: Payless (also seen here)
Necklace :: Forever 21

Even though it was raining all day, I spent most of Sunday out with my mother shopping! It was tax-free week here in Florida (for the back-to-schoolers), so I was excited to get to the outlets and see how fabulous the sales were. I threw on my orange-and-white striped tank, my most comfortable jeans and some heels...

Tank :: GAP
Jeans :: Old Navy
Shoes :: Aldo
Handbag :: Guess

I took a visit to the Coach Factory Outlet store. They were giving an additional 20% off all store items, but  unfortunately, I didn't find anything I was interested in.

 I received an email this week that Kenneth Cole will be having 31% off their entire store and wanted to check it out. I was a little disappointed I didn't see much that I liked, however a sales associate encouraged me to come back next week because they would be adding new merchandise. So much for 31% off :).

I did stop by Ann Taylor and finally scored some merchandise! Almost everything in the store was 40% off, including items already in the clearance section. I'm so excited about the items I purchased...heck, i'm thrilled about the money I saved! I also had a 20% off coupon a co-worker gave me to me on Friday, so I was literally jumping for joy! haha.

 Black-and-white printed wrap blouse, only $15.

 Purple floral maxi dress, only $20.

Black tiered tank top, only $20.

What did you dolls do this weekend? Any major plans for the week ahead? Thanks for all of your fabulous comments. I love hearing from each and every one of you!


Natasha xoxo


  1. All these beautiful outfits in one post make me want to weep with envy! =)

    I must say, the first outfit is HAWT!

  2. Thanks! It's one of my favorites for going out. Dressy shorts were a genius idea!

    Natasha xoxo

  3. those shoes were from payless? get out! so so cute!

    love the outfits :)

  4. Paislea :: Thanks doll!

    POL :: I know! I saw 'em and I knew I had to get 'em...I think they were only $20 or so. And to my surprise, they have held up pretty well...going on two years :)

    Natasha xoxo

  5. i love the outfits!!! so cute!!!!
    and the shoes in the first outfit remind me of shoes i have :)

    stop by my blog and let me know what you think

  6. Wow you scored some nice deals! I like that black and gold romper, it's so cute!

  7. That's a F21 romper?? Why didn't I see that when I was there last?? :-( And that AT dress? Stunning!! Looks like you found yourself some amazing deals!

  8. love your outfits, esp the ones in the first pics!

  9. Jen :: I thought the same thing when I saw the romper laying under a rounder (on the floor) in the store. I definitely got lucky that day...i believe it was the last one left :)

    Natasha xoxo

  10. I Looooooooove the romper! it looks fabulous on you and looks much more pricy than something you find at F21. :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

    xx Love & Aloha


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