Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend outlet shopping & OOTD.

My aunt, uncle and cousins were in town this weekend, and I have to say, it was the best excuse to go shopping! Not only did we shop at my favorite outlets, but I kept everyone busy with activities. I even took my cousins rollerskating at a local rink. I haven't skated in years, so it was nice to see that I still had my moves...haha!

As far as shopping, I was pretty proud of myself. My purchases totaled barely $65 this weekend. My mother is very much like myself...we both think of shopping as a competitive sport and took full advantage of the sales, coupons and in-store promotions. Here are my finds:

Love Culture
I can't tell you how many times I have visited the outlets in my city and never walked into this store. I didn't even know it existed! For those who have never shopped at Love Culture, it reminds me of how Forever 21 used to be...cheap prices, with "ok to good" quality items. I fell in love with a silky, black and white, racerback tank and also purchased a basic, white tank...I had too! Just couldn't beat the price!

 Black and white racerback tank top, $10

Basic white tank top, $3
Ralph Lauren
This was my favorite purchase this weekend. Originally $60, I was able to take this preppy, navy blue, ruffled cardigan home for only $20. It was on sale for $29.99 and I had a 30% off coupon a co-worker gave me!

Old Navy
After spending a half hour rummaging through the sales racks, I discovered the perfect black blazer. It is so versatile. The soft cotton fabric makes it easy to dress up or down. Perfect for a chilly night. Can't wait to wear it this fall. Only $14.99 (with my 30% Give and Get Gap Inc coupon).

Ann Taylor
This was a gift from my aunt and I love it. I own one black skirt, and I really needed another one. Definitely a staple item in my closet. Only one problem. I found out this weekend that I am no longer a 0P at Ann Taylor. I have grown up to 2P, and boy was I stunned. Everyone was laughing at me when I had my "little moment," but seriously, what's going on? I workout nearly everyday, and I don't notice any change in weight. Weird. Just $16 after 30% off promotion and an additional 20% off coupon!

Outfit Picks: After re-organizing my closet on Sunday [it's actually color coordinated...anal, i know!], I noticed a dress I purchased from Forever 21 a few years ago. I  have only worn it once this year to a client luncheon, so I grabbed it this morning and paired with a black cardi, candy red heels and a belt!

Dress :: Forever 21
Cardigan :: Banana Republic (seen here)
Belt :: Nordstrom
Shoes :: Payless (yes, Payless :)
Handbag :: Dooney & Bourke

Did you make any purchases this past weekend that made you smile? Share it with me! ;)

Natasha xoxo

Ps. I ended up returning the purple and white maxi dress I purchased from Ann Taylor last weekend. First, maxi dresses (in general) aren't the best for shorties like me, but what really made me bring it back to the store was the length. It was too short to wear with heels. Major problemo...i rarely wear flat shoes.


  1. Great finds girly! I also am in love with that Ralph Lauren Cardi. It's so satisfying to find such a great piece at such a great price. Navy blue and ruffles can't be beat ;)

  2. Great finds, wow I love that Ralph Lauren! xx


  3. ok first...great purchases and great price!!! WOW! Second, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this outfit!! So sophisticated and the red belt just ties everything together!


  4. excellent finds!! i love going shopping. i found some lovely pieces this weekend as well! i am so excited to bring out my fall apparel. it's going to be so much fun!!


  5. Thanks ladies! I should of taken some photos without the cardigan, so you can see the dress.

    Natasha xoxo

  6. Great outfit and that blazer is perfect. Great find!

  7. Oh love, I think my favourite purchase of yours is definitely the blazer! Such a steal for something you'd be able to use over and over again!

    You've got mad shopping skills! Can you come shopping with me?



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