Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm baaaack... with a few obsessions.

I arrived at home around10:00am this morning! It feels so good to be back and I look forward to sleeping in MY own bed tonight. Work travel can be sooo exhausting, but our events this week went very well, and I couldn't be any happier.

[Beware of tangent, lol]
I've been obsessing over a few girly items lately and I wanted to share with you ladies:

1. Juicy Couture Peace & Love
This perfume was a surprise gift from my boyfriend a week or so ago and I'm in love with it. If you haven't done a sniff test, I highly recommend you head over to Macy's and SPRAY YOURSELF! I typically prefer more spicy scents (like Victoria Secret's Super Model), however, the sweetness of Peace & Love has a bit of sophistication that has grown on me. AND how adorable is the bottle?! It looks fabulous sitting on my dresser :)

Two coats featured. Excuse my messy application ;)

2. Avon Nailwear Pro: Urban Grey (#N902)
After reading a feature on Emily's blog, I called my mom and asked that she order a few colors from her Avon Representative. One bottle retails for only $3.50 (promo in latest catalog) and it is said to last for seven days without chipping. I'm on day three and my nails are still going strong. The polish is really smooth and light. The color is perfect for Fall and you won't have issues pairing with any outfit.

3. Forever 21 Fab Zipper Ankle Jeans
I purchased these jeans yesterday and have worn them for the past two days. They are extremely comfortable and at the low, low price of $14.50, you really can't go wrong! Not only do these skinnys hug my hip perfectly [this is a rarity I tell ya], but the zipper plackets at the ankles are genius! Jeans are always too long for me, so I've been unzipping a couple of inches and wearing with heels. PERFECT.  In addition to the classic dark denim, they also come in five other colors.

Outfit Picks: Since my plane landed a bit earlier this morning, I was able to grab lunch with one of my friends. The weather has been so nice [sun shining with a cool breeze from the east], I wanted to wear my eyelet dress...and I'm sporting my new URBAN GREY polish color! ;)

Dress :: Forever 21
Shoes :: Jessica Simpson (last seen here)
Handbag :: Louis Vuitton (last seen here)

What are your current obsessions? Enjoy your weekend Ladies! :)

Natasha xoxo


  1. I love how Peace and Love smells too!:D

    I like your dress, nice color.:D

    Happy Weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Oh my gosh, where do I begin here Natasha?! Ok, first: Love the new juicy scent! I just tried some the other day while at Sephora and it smells so good!
    Secondly, I am dying over light grey polishes. I am wearing one right now actually. It is by Milani and it's called Bare to Wear. I think that's the name. That Avon color looks amazing on your skin.
    And last, those jeans fit you like a glove. Love!

  3. Marie :: Thanks hun! I love the color too. I rarely wear red for some reason.

    Noelle :: Doesn't it just smell heavenly?! ...and the grey polish is by far my FAVORITE color this fall! I love that it's work appropriate as well.

  4. This red dress looks gorgeous on you!

  5. Ankle zippers are by far my favorite!
    and I'm so ready to try out my fall nail colors!
    (I got the olive green from avon and haven't worn it yet)

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. I'm in love with your shoes,omg...:)

    New post on


  7. I LOVE those shoes! And I love pretty smelling stuff!

  8. I love those jeans and I think they look fab unzipped with those shoes! Totally cute! I'm jealous I don't have one near by.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your super sweet comment...I LOVE F21...LOVE them!! and those are some awesome zipper jeans:)

  10. i am in love with that ring.
    i am in love with those zipper bottom pants.
    i am in love with those HEELS!
    i am in love with that white polish!

    great post!

    thanks for entering my blog giveaway!!

  11. Current obsessions? touches of leopard prints, camels/nudes/olives, high waisted anything, lace, feminine mixed with masculine, ahh..list goes on and on!

  12. Welcome back hun! I seriously love your shoes and dress!

    Currently obsessed with animal prints and boots!


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  13. Oh, I LOVE that fun, breezy, superbright dress! Gorgeous, dear! And such a pretty shade with your skin tone. Right now I'm obsessed with apples and peanut butter -- I literally eat this snack four times a day. It's bad. And Halloween Oreos.
    xo Josie

  14. hmm Current obsessions? Camel, booties, fur, Plum is the Word Nail Polish from Sally's, anything Fall i.e. pumpkin, cinnamon, etc! it. p.s. I hear ya about work! I was just gone during the week for two weeks and now for three :( I miss my own bed!!

  15. It's always the best coming home after being away, you appreciate your own bed so much more I think!

    I love the shoes by the way xx

  16. I've been searching for the perfect pearly white polish that doesn't look like white-out and I think I might have to try that one out. Plus, lvoe the JS shoes, I have a bunch of her shoes in my closet as well. Welcome back!

  17. Jamie-Lee :: So so true!

    Kinsey :: I highly recommend it! I love the color. Although AVON claims it should last seven days without chipping, I did see chipping on day 5. For $3.50, I can learn to live with it! ;)

  18. LOVE your shoes!

    now following you :)


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