Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In New York City this Week

I'm here for work meetings and have been stuck in the Hotel for the past three days. I haven't been able to venture out much because I've been so exhausted at the end of each day....I'm in love with the hotel pillows and have to literally peel myself out of bed every morning. ;) 

I can never get enough of the New York City atmosphere. The busy and congested streets are very different from the quiet, suburban neighborhoods I'm used to in Florida. I always thought that in my twenties I'd live in a crowded city and work downtown. I never imagined that I'd remain in Florida, close to my family and friends [many of whom I've known for years]. Maybe one day that'll change.

Outfit Pick: Many of you might recognize this outfit, but its one of the most comfortable dresses I own. I decided to go for the professional look, so the red pumps didn't make the suitcase. They were replaced with my black, peep-toe heel.

Dress :: Forever 21 (last seen here)
Cardigan :: Banana Republic (last seen here)
Shoes :: Nine West (last seen here)

Have you ever visited NYC? What do you love most about the Big Apple?



  1. Love, love, love New York! I've been there twice and had a blast both times!

  2. I've never been there but would love to!

  3. I've been...and I liked it. But as a Chicagoan, I'm totally disgusted by their garbage. Not all of their streets have alleys so the dumpsters are right there on the streets. EWWW

    Maybe it's a Midwest thing but I find people in NYC to be kind of abrupt and irritated with tourists. K, I get that, but that's what a HUGE percentage of your economy is! BE NICE!

    Okay, enough negative from me. The shops, energy and restaurants are fabulous. Plus Broadway? SOLD.

  4. Cute Outfit.

  5. Lucky Duck! My boyfriend and I went this past June and I feel in love with NYC. I left my heart somewhere between midtown and SoHo... =)

  6. POL :: I agree with the trash in the city, however, I can sympathize with their feelings about tourists! It IS annoying when you go to dinner and five people ask you to take photos of their family OR the rental car in front of you stops in the middle of the road to stare at the fireworks from Disney! ahhh! lol.

    Noelle :: I wish I could take a trip to SoHo! No time for a visit during this trip :(

  7. Love the outfit---so flattering and I'm so jealous you are in NYC! Our hotel in Vegas was like that and the hubs didn't realize and we had some serious charged to lol.

  8. I love how the dress looks with the cardigan and the ruffle just standing out like its a scarf. Great look!

    Hope you manage to get out of the hotel room and taken in more of the city! It's just a wonderful place to be!

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