Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Am I an Addict?

Who goes shopping the weekend before Black Friday? ME! Why? I’m not quite sure. I skedaddled to the mall this weekend and was overwhelmed with some really good deals. While one part of my brain wanted to grab me by my wallet and pull me out of the mall, the other part was ecstatic about the prices flashing before my eyes. When I find myself in these situations, I often wonder…am I a shopping addict?

I purchased this dress from Ann Taylor and I have to tell you, I would have never thought about trying this dress on until I saw it being worn by a woman in the dressing room. It’s one of those pieces that look “not so hot” on a hanger but “amazing” on a person!

….A pair of black work pants with pockets from Ann Taylor. Can you ever have enough? I love the “Signature” fit line. I have three pants in this style - it fits my body so well.

Nine West is one of my favorite shoes stores. As soon as I walked in, I darted for theses boots. Unfortunately my size was not available, so I continued to look around. It only took five minutes for me to fall in love with the pumps they call "Ambitious". I love the dark tan color and the suede is perfect for the fall. Not to mention that these darlings will go perfectly with my dress! …and at 40% off, you just can’t go wrong!

A ton of Tucker for Target Collection items were on sale at my local store, so I grabbed this blouse for $8. I never tried it on until I came home, only to realize it’s a bit baggy on me. It’s meant to be baggy, but I’m not sure if I can pull off the look. Do you own this blouse? Please share photos. I’m dying to see how you styled it.

….also picked up this Tucker halter for $6. Can’t wait for the spring!

Lastly, I found myself at Old Navy to pick up a few sports bras! I saw this cute corduroy skirt. I don’t own anything in corduroy (surprised?!), so this was an easy choice...

I can’t wait for this Friday! A bunch of us will be heading out to the malls Friday morning at 12:00 Midnight. Yep I said it! I’m one of those “crazies” that actually enjoys the madness. My friends and I have already composed a strategy. The plan is to hit 3 malls in 5 hours. Wish me luck!

Will you be shopping this weekend?



  1. Excellent buys! I never need a holiday sale as an excuse to go shopping, but I'll be keeping myself away from those crowds this weekend!

    I think that baggy Tucker blouse will look really cute with your cord mini. Maybe belted to give it some shape?

  2. Great buys! I love everything!
    I will not be battling it out on Friday. I'm tempted, but I might be going out of town instead. Good luck with the shopping though Natasha! Please do a post on what you get!

  3. OOh! I grabbed that blouse on the sale rack at Target as well! I've been wearing the heck out of it!!

    And I love those heels!!!


  4. Great Finds. No shopping for me. I will be working in the madness.


  5. lol I know how you feel :) I like those shoes


    My Stylish Little Secret

  6. oh wow! how do you always find and wear the cutest things!!!!>??!?!?

    allister bee fashion blog

  7. swatchcat :: What a great idea! The colors would definitely go together nicely.

    Noelle :: of course I will! :)

    Chuck :: Have you posted any OOTDs on your website?! I'd love to see how you styled it!

    Paislea :: Thanks doll!


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