Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Happy and Shopping Trip in NYC

Happy Belated Halloween! This was by far the most fun Halloween I've had in a long time. While I was in New York, I met up with a group of college friends, and we attended a Haunted House/Party. I had a lot of fun and it was nice to catch up with old friends.

The Halloween costumes this year were sooo over the top. I remember seeing a lot of the "Jersey Shore" cast, the Kardashian sisters and it seemed like everyone was an Avatar. Everywhere I looked, I saw one. According to CNN, the most popular Halloween costumes this year include Lady Gaga, Snooki and "The Situation." Click here for a fun and light read!

While work may have taken over my New York trip during the week, I did find sometime over the weekend to shop! I was really looking for blouses. I was thrilled to locate an Ann Taylor around the corner from my hotel. All of their sale items were marked down, plus I received an addition 40% off!
I am such a fan of ruffles! Love the color combination as well.

 I do not own a long cardigan and have wanted one for some time now. This would pair perfectly with some of my strappy tops.

The photo doesn't do this top justice! It is actually plum and beige and can be worn with the long cardigan I purchased (above).

Such a bright and cheerful top! I'd like to find a charcoal or red pencil skirt to complete the look.

Did you dress in costume this year for Halloween? If so, who/what were you?

Natasha xoxo


  1. I love your costume idea! I actually had a friend who went as one of the miners as well ;) I didnt get to see his costume though, he just told me about it.
    I love everything you picked up in NYC! I have yet to buy anything from Ann Taylor but I see so many pretty items on various blogger's pages.

  2. Great Buys. I just wear Orange and Black.

  3. Cool costume idea! Sounds like you had a fun trip!

  4. Nice buys, the last top is really pretty.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. Sounds like you had a blast- I saw some Chilean miners running around in my neck of the woods on Halloween night, too- much more clever than the usual costumes!

    Great scores at Ann Taylor, too- isn't finding little secret bargains like that the best?


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