Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Have You Heard?

Anne Hathaway and James Franco will host next year's Oscars! She is always so glamorous on the red carpet and her makeup artist deserves a mention as well. Leslie Lopez does such an amazing job of keeping Anne age appropriate and a little spunky at times. She never looks "too" made up... always very natural. I absolutely adore her style and can't wait to see her outfit changes! :)

Outfit Picks :: I was in a black-and-white-kind-of-mood today! I just didn't want to wear color! Do you ever get in those moods? I forgot to coordinate my outfit last night, so I made a quick decision and reached for my zebra printed silk tank and new black pants.

Top :: Love Couture (last seen here)
Pants :: Ann Taylor (last seen here)
Cardigan :: Banana Republic (last seen here)
Shoes :: Nine West (last seen here)

Many articles claim that the Academy's decision to have Anne and James host the Oscars was to attract a younger audience. So I'm curious...will you be watching next year's Oscars?



  1. I love Anne, she is so glamourous. I'll def be tuning into the Oscars to watch her, so they're idea worked!

  2. cute outfit.

  3. I love Anne Hathaway! She is so beautiful and love her style!

  4. Anne Hathaway is my favorite!!

  5. Rachael Zoe is going to be even more neurotic this year than ever!! Can't wait to see that!!

  6. Hi Natasha, I gave you an award today, stop by to accept:

  7. She is such a red carpet STAR! That top is uber pretty!


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