Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Hello Ladies! I hope you are having a great start this week. I definitely am! Last week I literally locked myself in the house and studied for my FINAL EXAMS. I procrastinated a bit, but it all turned out really good for me. My grades were posted to my official transcript, and I earned two A's this semester! Sweeeeeeeeeeeet :). Now I can REALLY begin to enjoy the Holidays.

Next week I'll be flying to New York to spend time with family. I can't wait to enjoy shopping in the City...there's nothing like it! I fly back the following week, then I'm off to California for seventeen days! Yikes! I'll be working on a fun project for work, and I'm definitely ready for a new challenge.

Outfit Picks :: Since the weather has been extremely cold here in Florida, I've been wearing a lot of black lately -- a lot of my "winter" clothing is black. In an effort to bring out some color, I paired my black pants and turtleneck with a wool cape.

Top :: JCrew (purchase here)
Coat :: BCBGeneration
Pants :: Ann Taylor, Signature Fit (last seen here)
Shoes :: Nine West (last seen here)
Handbag :: Coach (last seen here)

Are you planning any trips this holiday season? 

This week is flying by! Before you know it, it'll be Christmas. Wow! I still have some Christmas shopping to do.


Ps. I returned the black pumps I purchased from Target last week. I wore them around the house a few days ago and...Ouch! The most uncomfortable shoes ever. You get what you paid for...especially when it comes to shoes.


  1. Yay for 2 A's!! That's awesome! :) I love the blazer your wearing it's super cute.

  2. Vanessa :: Thanks hun! I wish I had the opportunity to wear it more often ;).

  3. Great job on your grades! What are you going to school for?

    And ditto on the blazer. Very cute :)

  4. Hey Whitney! I'm in graduate school getting my MBA (concentration in International Business). Your chihuahua is so adorable by the way :)

  5. great idea adding on this wool cape. i love the pattern and it looks super warm too!

    and have fun in NY!! you'll have such a great time and the shopping is unbeatable! :)

    and thank you for the follow! i'm now following yours too.


  6. I like your jacket! Hope you have fun in New York!

  7. I love the way you wore this outfit, looks great. It has been insanely cold here---I am rebelling today as I am alone in the office, wearing black pants, an oversized cardigan and fluffy socks :-)

    We are planning DC for the week of NYE to visit in in-laws so should be cold! Your upcoming weeks sound exciting!

  8. Congrats On getting two A's. I'm staying home for the Holiday but my parents will be here. SO I'm truly happy about that.


  9. the coat looks so cute! what part of CA will you be in?

  10. Mere :: I love your idea!...oh how I wish I could show up to work tomorrow wearing an oversized hoodie :)

    Miss K :: I'll be heading to Palm Springs, CA!


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