Friday, January 21, 2011

OOTD: A Little Friday Ruffle

Is it just me, or does Friday seem to be the busiest day of the week? I organize my life by composing lists, and it doesn't stop at the office. I always find myself with just as many "to-do's" on Fridays as I had in the beginning of the week. How does that happen?

Outfit Picks: I was dying to wear my new black wedges, so my outfit today was centered around them. These pair of Merona's are extremely comfortable, and although they don't have much of a heel, they add a LITTLE height, while appearing to be flats. Pretty tricky, eyyyhh?!

Blouse :: Ann Taylor (last seen here, purchase similar here)
Cardigan :: Xhilaration for Target (last seen here, purchase here)
Denim :: Forever 21 (last seen here, purchase similar here
Shoes :: Merona for Target (last seen here, purchase here)

Am I the CRAZY ONE, or do you coordinate outfits around your shoes?

xoxo, Natasha


  1. I love you shirt. I do the same thing.

  2. We were thinking alike this Friday huh. Love the cardi and the little bit of sparkle.

  3. i coordinate my outfits around shoes all the time actually. :) and these merona wedges are so cute! love how you pulled together the look.

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  4. Lovely wedges!


  5. Lovely cardigan! I've coordinated outfits to my shoes sometimes too :)


  6. As A guy haha I don't co-ordinate my outfit to my shoes but more around my mood, nice simple and clean look by the way! I love your blog will deffo visit back! =D

  7. Sometimes it is.. But maybe just cause you know after that day your weekend begins?

  8. Adore your shoes! Sometimes I coordinate, other times I'm pulling shoes on as I'm running out the door and just don't have time.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  9. I will TOTALLY coordinate an outfit around my shoes! In fact, I used to every day and realized I was doing it and purposely tried to switch that up.

    Cute shoes, love the jeans!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  10. the layered top is adorable, and the new shoes look great!

    Chic on the Cheap

  11. I always look forward to Friday - it's usually quiet for me :)

    Loving your sparkly cardigan. And no it's not a new blazer, have had it a wee while - there appear to be quite a few hidden gems in my closet lol xx

  12. it does appear to be flats!!! love those kind of wedges! :)

  13. Your shoes are sneaky - and really cute. I love wedges like that. Hope you get your new boots soon!

    Akatsuki Daydreams

  14. Cute outfit! I definitely make outfits around my shoes sometimes, so you're not crazy at all! Or perhaps we are both crazy :)

  15. your sparkly cardigan is such a great piece! and yeah, i plan outfits around my shoes too!

  16. I love your sparkly cardi and your wedges are super cute! I have to admit I often plan an outfit based on my shoes too!


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