Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OOTD and Skiing for the weekend

The BF and I love to take weekend getaways. It's always fun to rewind in a new environment, and it gives us some time to be together without any distractions. I was just reviewing my calender for the next few months and decided to plan some weekend trips.  This weekend we are headed to Park City, Utah to go skiing with a group of friends. It'll be a long stay because I have a half day at work on Friday, and the day off on Monday for President's Day! So EXCITED! :)

Outfit Picks:: I don't wear a lot of blue. For some reason, I just don't have much "blue" in my closet. Today I wanted to rock blue stripes. If you know me, then you know that I don't care for polka dots or stripes (worn on me). So this was an attempt to get out of my "style box."

Blouse :: Forever 21 (last seen here, purchase similar here)
Cardigan :: Ann Taylor (last seen here, purchase here)
Pants :: Ann Taylor, Signature Fit (last seen here)
Shoes :: Michael Kors (last seen here)

Do you have any vacations planned for the year? Is there a destination you recommend for a quick weekend getaway?!

xoxo, Natasha


  1. Very pretty! I love your blouse, it's very cute and summery! Ummm I'm heading to Long Beach Island, NJ for a week. Usually the fiance and I rent a house for a week in the summer. It probably isn't the ideal weekend getaway but something to think about!

  2. love the blouse and the color or your cardi.. that's a really gorgeous blue..

    i'm leaving for a mexican riveria cruise in about a week.. i hope i don't get sick the whole trip because i get sick just riding in the car hahahaha.

  3. you look great in blue and should definitely wear it more often! i love the print of the blouse underneath and the skinny belt really accentuates your figure!

    cute and little

  4. Cupcake Couture :: Long Beach Island sounds like a great spot! We always do a NYC getaway, but I would definitely consider the Jersey Shore.

    lisa :: Thanks hun! A lot of my friends go on cruises, but I get so sea sick, I've refused to go with them for years. I heard it also depends on the ship size. Take lots of meds and enjoy your trip :)

    kileen :: You're too sweet. I love the Ann Taylor LOFT skirt you are rocking today!

  5. This particular blue is so beautiful. Its such a calming color...We are going to hawaii for my birthday so I'm excited:)

    Im a new follower! Come check me out too!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  6. That's a brilliant blue and you styled it well with the belt over cardi!



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  7. Mimi :: Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog. Hawaii is a dream...i was there for a work project a year or so ago. Can't wait to go back for vacation!

    20 York Street :: Thank you doll :)

  8. No vacation plan for this year.

    This is such a great outfit.

  9. Fantastic outfit, love the blue sweater with it. xxxx Emily from EL Vintage

  10. Back again to let you know I just gave you an award. follow the link...Blog Award at Aesthetic Lounge


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