Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's in my bag?

A number of bloggers have done similar posts, so I thought it'll be fun to share with you the items that live in my purse. It wasn't until I put this post together that I realized how many items keep me organized every day.

On to the goods (from left to right):

Words of wisdom :: I always carry a book in my bag. While I don't have the hour or two to dedicate to reading everyday, there are always moments of time (on the plane, taxi rides, etc.) that I can get in a good five to ten pages. I am currently divulging in a fun, light read by Lauren Conrad. Last month, I finished reading Donald Trump's Think Big: Make It Happen in Business and Life.

Sunglasses & holder :: I go through sunglasses, like most people go through post-it notes ~ It's really a serious problem...I always loose them! I'm currently rockin' an older version of Spy Optic's Spy Eliza.

LV Damier Zippy Wallet :: All those important items like credit cards, cash, frequent buyer cards, etc.

Business card holder :: Because of the nature of my job (travel, meetings, etc), It's a must to always carry my business cards with me. My bag is filled with a number of other items, so it's convenient that I could just reach in and grab this nifty holder. I've been eyein' this holder lately.

Blackberries X2 :: Yes, I'm that crazy lady who owns two blackberries. One for work and one for play! I like to keep things separate :). While I'm tempted to move onto the iPhone, I think it'll take intervention to part ways from my crackberry. Ha!

Coach makeup bag :: Love this chunky toiletry bag. It fits all of my make up and has a few compartments in side and out, to store important items like earrings or necklaces. Sometimes when I go out, I use this bag as a'd be surprised how much stuff can fit in it!

Bath & Body lotion :: I've been in love with Warm Vanilla Sugar, which is part of their signature collection. I always like to keep lotion in my purse... you can always use it throughout the day.

Touch up nailpolish :: One of my pet peeves is seeing cracked nailpolish, so I always carry backup in my purse, just in case I need a touch up during the middle of the day. A girls gotta be prepared! :)

Doublemint gum :: Yes, I'm the gum girl. Everyone knows that I'm carrying at least one pack. Other favorites include Wrigley's 5, Orbits and Stride.

Leopard pill compact :: I purchased this about a year ago and it's such a lifesaver. With my busy schedule, I always forget to take my daily vitamins, pills, etc. This compact actually includes an alarm clock...brilliant! The leopard I have can be purchased at BUST Magazine, put I've also seen other variations here and here.

iPod Touch :: I can't live without my iPod. My manager actually gifted this to me after doing so well on a project. I hook it up frequently to my car, on my laptop at work, and I use it religiously while working out. Those who don't own an iPod (or mp3 player for that matter), how do you get through your day?!?

Reusable shopping bag :: These are too cute and I've seen them at a number of checkout counters at major retailers. I got mine from Old Navy. Instead of those plastic bags they hand you at the grocery stores, smile, say "no thanks," and pull out your chic reusable bag. They are super cheap and you'll help save the environment.

What do you carry in your purse? Is there something you just can't live without?!

Wishing you a great week ahead!

xoxo, Natasha

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  1. I have been thinking of picking up that Lauren Conrad book. I love her style.

    Trust me I know alot of business ppl and I dont know anyone who has 2 blackberries..makes sense though! Great post! Also, do u know when the next kendi's 30 remixer is starting?

  2. Hi Nav! Thanks for stopping by. I do prefer to have two allows me to turn off my phone and have a life outside of work! :)

    I'm not quite sure when the next challenge will be, but I have a feeling it'll be soon...

    <3, natasha

  3. Love this post!!! I carry much the same things like you!! I love Lauren Conrad's book - I think every girl should have one!! At the moment i'm reading one of Chelsea Handler's books - it's soo funny!!

    have a nice day,
    jos xx

  4. I love your wallet and other small bags!

  5. Love love love! I want it all! I'm saving for a Louis =) In the Damier print too.

  6. I always enjoy seeing what people put in their bags! Great post!

  7. i've been eyeing on that lauren conrad style book since forever! would you recommend it? :)

  8. So doll..I HAD to comment on your site since we have the same name love. HAHA.

    But anyways, we both have the two blackberry's syndrome [check], Lauren C's style book [check], a coach bag [check]...Yep, we both have pretty similar things. It must be a Natasha thing. LMAO JP.

    I love the sunglasses!

    xoxo, Natasha Solae

  9. oh my gosh!! i think it's so funny that you have to phones! hahhahahah. that's rad.

    and i always like to see what people have in their bags. i need to do a post like this!!

    allister bee blog

  10. Wow! You got quite an organized bag...I probably have a ton of junk if I were to do a "what's in my bag" post. LOL. =)

  11. Nice post as ever
    I'm back

  12. I love these kinds of posts, so interesting! I completely agree with you about Warm Vanilla Sugar - I have the lotion too :)

  13. So that's the usual contents of a woman's bag, huh? Seems like make-up is a staple item, hehe. Have you ever wondered what's in a guy's bag? Well, it's about time that someone blogged about it. Check it out! Thanks. =)


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