Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Accident Prone.

Ask the BF. I'm always falling, tripping, and running into something. I've always been accident prone since I was a child. My mother used to say that I had at least one band-aid affixed to my body at any given time. Lol. Well this morning, I was getting ready for work and didn't realize that I closed the sliding door that goes out to my porch. Yup...if you haven't guessed already, I walked into the glass door. Owwwwccchhh! My head was literally pounding for an hour or so afterwards. I must say I'm proud of myself...I was a trooper. I had a client photo shoot to supervise and an event today that I just couldn't miss. I put ice in a little sandwich baggy and darted out the door.

Outfit Picks :: I knew I'd be running around today, so I decided to wear the MOST comfortable pair of paints I own. They are super long...which I love, and I finally got to wear my denim jacket. I haven't worn this jacket for probably a good year!

Top :: Banana Republic (purchase similar here)
Jacket :: GAP (purchase similar here)
Pants :: Old Navy (purchase similar here)
Shoes :: Jessica Simpson (last seen here)
...and just for kicks and giggles, I wanted to share the following compilation of Tim Taylor's Home Improvement accidents. I used to love that show! Well, let's be honest here. This video made me feel much, much better :)

Are you accident Prone?

xoxo, natasha


  1. I loved home improvement when it was on. You look great. I so want a denim jacket.

  2. Very cute! LOVE Home Improvement, use to watch it all the time with my dad. :)

  3. Yes I am accident prone---my mom always said there was a reason she didn't name me Grace lol. Home Improvement was an awesome show. Loved it.

    I love the color of that top and the whole outfit looks great!

  4. This outfit is awesome! Your legs look a mile and a half long! And isn't it fun to rock a denim jacket? I recently picked up 2 at my local thrift store ($6 each!!!) There are ton out there in thrift stores... I am a follower and a love reading your blog - it is so "real". Cheers! xoxo

  5. The orange top looks fabulous with the jean jacket. Good job!

  6. Yeah, I've done that before...when the room was full of everyone I knew...and they just watched me smack my head...

    Cute outfit! I never know how to style a jean jacket. I never had one before, but now I do... :)

  7. Great outfit, and YES! I am so accident prone it isn't even funny. Even if there's a patch of ice 50 feet away from me, I still manage to slip on it, LOL. Ouch.


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