Monday, March 7, 2011

Congrats Contest Winner!

This post is long overdue, however, a spontaneous beach trip to Tampa this weekend has me a little out of order. I'm not spontaneous at all. My life is very structured and calculated. My boyfriend has a tendency to ruffle my feathers at times and thank God. My life would be, well....quite boring without him. lol. The sun showed it's face all weekend, and the brisk, fresh ocean breeze kept the temperature cool. Did the weekend have to end so quickly?

Photo courtesy of Destination360

Congratulations Paislea Elyse! You just won yourself a one-year subscription of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Send me an email to claim your prize :)

How was your weekend? Let's hope this work week flies by fast!

xoxo, Natasha


  1. wow congrats to the winner!! :) and also a little bit spontaneous trip is always fun :D

  2. Congratulations to the winner! Yes, let's hope this week flies by fast!! I really crave for another lovely weekend!

    jos xx

  3. Congrats to Paislea Elyse. My weekend was good. Just worked all weekend.

  4. Your weekend sounds beautiful! Mine was nice, but yours sounds like Summer! Congrats to the winner =)

  5. LOVE that you just and went on a trip that sounds so so amazing!!

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