Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Learning to love Pink...well Mauve!

Thanks for sharing your opinions in my last post. I've decided to purchase not one watch, but two! One a bit funky and "different" and another I can wear everyday, to the office, client meet and greets, out with friends, etc. Infact, I'll be heading to New York City on Thursday for meetings, and I've planned a dedicated "watch/jewelry" shopping trip for the weekend. Can't wait!

Outfit Picks :: I've never been a fan of the color pink, but when I saw this top (it's really mauve, but hey, it's still in the pink family...right?), I knew it would be a nice peice to add to my wordrobe. Today was an easy outfit day for me... cropped pants, shell top, black blazer and "almost flat" wedges. Eghhh...some days, easy is just what I need. :)

Top :: Old Navy
Pants :: Express (last seen here,)
Blazer :: Zara (purchase similar here)
Shoes :: Merona for Target (last seen here, purchase here)

Is there a color you just refuse to wear? What about a color that takes over your closet?

xoxo, Natasha


  1. Lovely soft shade of pink! I generally stay away from orange except in accessories :)


  2. Pink take over my closet. I like all colors. I just don't care for white pants.


  3. I usually shy away from purple. My hubby told me once that I looked like "Barney". He was just joking but it made me sad.... so I am damaged for purple. All other colors are up for consideration. I can't pick one color that is in my closet but I love earth tones mixed with red, yellow, blue, brown, ochre, orange, pink, YOU NAME IT! Black, brown and army green are my staples.

  4. I really don't like yellow or brown - I find yellow is too crazy with my pale skin and dark hair, while brown usually ends up feeling "blah".

    But otherwise, I love all colours. Especially blues and purples :)

  5. featherfactor :: Aww really?! I love Orange...I'm a Gator! ;)

    Amy Fashion Blog :: I agree about white pants. I think they look sharp, but I am always super nervous about getting them dirty!

    Sherry Jarwin :: I love purple and I love Barney...how could you not love him!?! So I would take that as a compliment. haha!

    Kelly :: I actually love yellow, but don’t have much yellow in my closet. I may be tempted to purchase more of it this season!

  6. From one colour-phobic to another, I can completely relate to this post :) I'm really trying to bring more colour into my wardrobe, too... but if pressed, I'll always choose black and gray over any other options. The only colour I really refuse to wear is yellow. I think it looks lovely on other people, but it's just never been for me.

  7. Mine is usually pink, I love it on other people but I am just not a pink girl. I think it's my inner tomboy refusing it actually ;)

  8. I'm with you on the pink. I like it here and there but I think all of these teeny hoppers have ruined it for me. :-) that top is really cute!

  9. I love pink, but surprisingly I don't have hardly any pink as a part of my wardrobe. I hope to add a MK rose gold watch (similar to the one you posted) to my accessories collection though!

  10. Cute top, i like the color!

    ♥ Kisses ♥


  11. Love this color on you! IT's so great with your skin tone!


  12. I love this color on you!

    I too am not a huge pink girl, but have been liking it more lately.


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