Saturday, March 12, 2011

Which Watch?

I'm going to invest in the perfect watch, but I'm having a hard time narrowing down what I want. Should I go more fashion forward or everyday casual?

1. Crystal Chain Wrap Watch by La Mer Collections, $165
2. Rose Golden Chronograph Watch by Michael Kors, $250
3. Charm Bracelet Watch by Lipsy, $72
4. Gloria Watch by Dolce & Gabbana, $150
5. Boyfriend Crystal Bezel Bracelet Watch by Coach, $348
6. Mini Cambridge Pink Polyurethane Strap by Adidas, $85


  1. I vote for 2 or 5. I have something similar to #2 and I get complements on the color all the time. It goes with everything, whether you are wearing gold or silver tones.

    (Couture and Crayons)

  2. I absolutely ADORE my Michael Kors.
    I've been looking to get a La Mer watch, but do not want to pay full price for one considering that I've heard various reviews that La Mer watches run on the cheaply made side.

    Good Luck with your final decision!


  3. Janice :: Thanks for your rec! I have a lot of gold and silvery jewelry, so it's a must for my new watch to match anything I decide to wear.

    Chuck :: I haven't checked up on the reviews for the La Mer Collections. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Thanks for the comment & follow!

    I have the exact same dilemma with watches. That's probably why I don't have one!

    I do very much like the Michael Kors one though. The rose is gorgeous.

  5. Love the Michael Kors one :)

  6. LOVE the rosegold MK one... classy and trendy!

  7. Love #2 & #5! I have a michael kors watch and love it. Another suggestion is a burberry can never go wrong with that! Let us know which one you decided to go with!

  8. I vote for #3, the Michael Kors! His watches are so classic, so beautiful!

    chloe **

  9. I on a watch binge myself at the moment! I have a gold over-sized boyfriend watch, but now I'm craving either an over-sized black watch or rose gold--so that being said, I say go for Michael Kors! It's gorgeous.

    Love your blog! I'm officially following!


  10. It looks like it's almost unanimous because I'm going to say the Kors watch too. My eye was immediately drawn to it. I love the pale rose gold color- it will go with everything!

    Your blog is just gorgeous- love the layout and the background. I'll definitely be back!

  11. I'm a Swiss/South African girl so I adore Swatch Watches. ;-)
    Jet Set watches are also amazing!
    I love your list though - all of them are just so gorgeous!

  12. I say everyday casual... you'll wear it more! And you can mix it with fancier pieces...

    love your blog! xx

  13. I like number 2 the Michael Kors, its nice and perfect for everyday! Let us know your final choice.


  14. invest in a classic piece like michael kors
    love that pink gold one too ive picked in my beso post once and many loved the post (got constant emails)
    hope you find the perfect one :)

  15. I love #1. I like that its different.

  16. Well, I have two watches, one that's extremely subtle and one that's a little more flashy! Save up and then the choice is easy :P

  17. I love the rose golden and it should go with everything. Its classy but can be very fashionable too. I would save and buy one from Fossil for $115. I have a couple of their watches and I always receive compliments. Its a great quality watch.

  18. Oh my goodness how much do I love that rose gold MC watch! It's amazing so I vote for that!

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