Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Tax Day!

While many of you have long received your refund checks in the mail and enjoying the extra mulaaahh, I was one of thoes Americans, who waited until the last possible moment to collect all my W-2's, 1099's, etc. and file on the deadline. Except, my case is a little more PATHETIC. I didn't file myself. I had my accountant do it. He knows me so well that he scheduled an appointment for this very same day a year ago :) Gosh, I love that man! Hopefully he penciled me in for 2012.

Outfit Picks :: I played it simple today and threw on one of my favorite dresses. You've seen this a few times on my blog, so one more time won't hurt! ;)

Dress :: Ann Taylor (last seen x, x)
Shoes :: Cynthia Vincent for Target (last seen x, buy similar x)

Are you as terrible about filing your taxes as I am?

xoxo, Natasha

Ps. Have you seen the deals on RueLaLa this week? Lovesak JPK, Poleci, Calvin Klein, and more!


  1. Very adorable, loving the shoes. I actually filed my taxes back in January when I first got my W2's. Unfortunately, that's the only time I was able to because with school and stuff. But if it wasn't for that I'd be right along with you! haha.

  2. ...HAHA! I know what you mean. Regarding school...I'm thanking Mr. President for the student tax credit. Very happy when I saw thoes numbers :)

  3. You look lovely - everyday! oh I love tax money...I am gonna spend it on getting my eyes LASIK surgery done! Although, I am nervous and excited?! I wish more bloggers would tell me about it if someone has gotten it done! xo

  4. @ Nav - Thanks Hun! I've never had Lasik on my eyes...but congrats on planning something you've always wanted!

  5. Everytime I see those CV wedges I become so envious! I totally missed out on them, and now even ebay doesn't have my size ;(
    I can see why you love that dress so much - it's so cute and flattering! I think we all have those go-to items in our closet. Mine are obviously skinny jeans =)

  6. beautiful dress and those wedges look great on you!

    cute & little
    come check out the color brigade!

  7. Super Cute Dress.

  8. I LOVE those heels! And that dress! :) That's a cute day and night look!


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