Monday, April 11, 2011

Listening to...

...Rhianna's S&M Remix featuring Britney Spears. The chorus has been playing in my head all day. It's as if the radio stations have the single on a loop. I'm kicking myself now...wishing I had renewed my Sirius Radio membership! ;)

What do you think of the duo?

xoxo, Natasha


  1. i love her!


  2. I love this song

  3. thanks for the sweet comment natasha!! i used to hate my hair when i was little and now i love it!! it's been a lot of fun as i get older as i can embrace it!!

    as for the video above - i'm going to have to watch it in about an hour when i get home as i do not have access to youtube at work. i am excited though!!!

    allister bee blog


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