Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Ruffles

I had a blast spending time with my college friends in Savannah, Georgia for Easter weekend. We stayed at the Foley House Inn, the most adorable bed and breakfast.  Everything about it was just stunning, and you really get a sense of history. I'm such a history buff, it was interesting to learn about a home that was built in the 1860s. The service (and the food) was impeccable and I definitely recommend staying there if you are ever in that part of town.

Outfit Picks:: The girls and I didn't miss out on all the Easter weekend sales. Although we stayed in the historic district, we were only a few miles away from a number of shopping centers and malls. I purchased some great pieces this weekend and wore one of my favorites today to work. Love the lavender ruffles! I have very little of this color in my closet.

Blouse :: Ann Taylor
Cardigan :: Banana Republic
Skirt :: Zara
Shoes :: Payless 

How was your Easter weekend?

xoxo, Natasha


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xo, tasha