Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend road trip.

A friend and I are planning a road trip this weekend and I can't wait! Not sure why I actually enjoy driving long distances and stopping every few hours for a potty break or snacks...but hey, I guess it's my thing! We will be meeting a group of friends. One special little lady just got engaged and we have some secret and exciting activities planned.Can't wait!

Outfit Picks:: I haven't worn these gladiator heels for a few months, so I centered the whole outfit around it.

Tank (not shown) :: JCrew (buy x)
Cardigan :: Banana Republic (last seen x, buy similar x)
Skirt :: Banana Republic (last seen x, buy similar x)
Shoes :: Payless (last seen x, buy similar x, x)

Have you ever planned an engagement weekend for a friend? Any fun tips or activities you can share?

xoxo, Natasha


  1. i've never planned an engagement anything--i wish my friends were getting married, you lucky girl!--you could check out the blog "m loves m." her friends just threw her a really amazing bridal shower.

  2. great gladiator heels and i'm loving the sheen on your skirt!

    cute & little

  3. Cute Outfit

  4. Loving your outfit, so pretty :)
    Yeah i do recommend Wet n Wild products :)

    Xo Christine

  5. Love the outfit and your skirt looks awesome! You have great legs!

  6. Love your outfit, especially the heels! I always love pairing a fun pair of shoes with a sleek & slightly understated outfit, it gives it just the right punch. Have fun this weekend! :)

  7. Looking fabulous, I like the gladiators, I need to break mine out for spring.


  8. You look lovely...the shoes are fantastic for that outfit :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. the road trip sounds like so much fun! I really want to do one of those with some friends. Gorgeous skirt darling x

  10. ♥Nice post.) Love your blog.))♥


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