Saturday, July 2, 2011

Red, Blue, White and Stripes!

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays! Not only does it include spending time with family and celebrating all the freedoms we have in the United States, but for those of  us who have shopping additions, the 4th of July also means SALE TIME!

I'll be heading over to the parent's house to indulge in my dad's barbecue ribs and amazing b & c burgers [bacon and cheese]...healthy, right? Eh, I'm sure mom will have some sort of greens on the side. lol. Anyhoo... our family is BIG about dressing up for the occasion, which is why my friends look forward to this yearly event! I'm even thinking about getting my nails painted in red, white and blue! Here are some festive items I found online that would make the day even that more special :)

(Click photo to maximize)

1. Striped Skirt w/ Belt $15 @ Forever21
2. Schooner Striped Jersey Tank Dress $148 @ Bergdorf Goodman
3. Ettika Braided Leather and Chain Bracelets $110 @ Max & Chloe
4. Capecoral $80 @ Aldo
5. Diroana $40 @ Aldo
6. Jag Stripe Dress $98 @ Bloomingdales
7. Sparkle & Fade Stripe Knee Length Skirt $49 @ Urban Outfitters
8. Tribal Stripe Johanna Short Sleeve Belted Dress $158 @ Revolve Clothing
9. Kaylinay $55 @ Guess

...Back from Las Vegas!
Yes, I'm back from Vegas and had one of the best weeks ever! I definitely recommend Zip lining at Bootleg Canyon and seeing "O" Cirque Du Soleil if you're ever in the area...definitely the highlight of my week. For all you fellow work-a-holics, I was reminded how important it is to take vacation and enjoy time off work [I'm guilty of this as well]. The year is halfway over...start planning some time for yourself! 

Have any exciting plans for this 4th of July weekend? ...What are you wearing?! Oh! Don't forget to enter my JCrew Giveaway. The last day to enter is July 7th!

xoxo, natasha


  1. Have a good 4th of July. I will be working tomorrow

  2. The #2 dress is my favorite! I hope you have a fun, festive weekend!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Everything is cute but i think dress #8 is my fav.
    Happy 4th of July!

  4. The first skirt is oh-so gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze

  5. Great post, those blue heels are amazing :)



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