Friday, August 12, 2011

Tax-Free Weekend in the Sunshine State

Yes favorite time of year is weekend! I'm hoping to have some better luck at the stores with all the new fall lines that have surfaced. Have you seen the new Mad Men collection that launched at Banana Republic? I'm lovin' the mix of leopard, grays and lace. Can't wait to see it in person.

A few of you asked me to share my Target finds from last weekend. Sorry it took me so long to post! Here are the goodies:


1. White Cotton Scoop Neck Tee - Can you ever have enough cotton tees? I actually purchased two in the same color. You can pair easily with jeans and skirts...and wear to work or out and about!

2. Initial and Frames - I've always been a fan of letter blocks. Unfortunately, the letter "N" is never available...this time it was. I grabbed my "N" and a pair of black and white frames that look perfect on a shelf in my foyer. The frames were on sale for $9 each, and the letter was only $2.50. Such a steal!

3. Dolce Vita for Target - When these first hit the shelves, I was apprehensive about purchasing them. I have a number of similar shoes in my closet, did I really need another wedge sandal? Last weekend they were on sale for 50% off, so I had to grab one. I couldn't decide whether I wanted the black or I purchased both! Ha! It looks like these are still online for regular price, but I recommend visiting your local retail stores to take advantage of the discount.

4. White Drawstring Shorts - I've been searching for the perfect pair of white shorts and was thrilled when my eyes spotted these babies. They are extremely comfortable and would pair nicely with heels, flats or even sandals. They were also on sale, only for $12. Much cheaper than online.

Does your state have tax-free weekend?! Wouldn't you agree that we should have it more often that once a year? :)

Enjoy your weekend ladies!
xoxo, natasha


  1. I just went to Banana yesterday, and although I didn't buy anything from the Mad Men collection, I think it's beautiful! You have to check it out ;)

  2. Great Find. Michigan doesn't do tax free weekend. I'm kind of sad I moved a week two soon from Florida.

  3. I have those exact same shoes and they cut up the back of my ankle pretty badly. I can only wear them with a skinny pant tucked into them. Hope you have better luck.

  4. I went to BR today but my store only had half of the collection with more to come next week. I love the circle skirt in the red color and the leopard pumps are fab!! I wish the lace tops were a little longer, they are a tad short. I'm planning to go back next week to see it all.

    Those wedges are so cute!

  5. Noelle & Mere :: I'll hit the stores tomorrow...fingers crossed ;)

    Amy :: Maybe you could schedule a "vacation" next year during tax-free weekend lol.

    Michelle :: The ankles are actually a tad loose, so I'm hoping I don't have the same problem. I wore the black ones today to run errands and had no issues. Thanks for the heads up!


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