Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekend In Review: Labor Day Haul

Like many of us, Labor Day weekend means a three-day weekend! And, I took Friday off to make it a four-day weekend! Thank God! I had some friends coming into town and really wanted to get some cleaning done around the house. Sounds exciting, huh? I promise, my weekend gets much better.... A tailgating BBQ, outlet store shopping, manis and pedis and enjoying fresh strawberry lemonade (thank you Dainty Chef) by the pool, made this looong weekend one to remember!

As I mentioned above, I didn't want to miss out on all the fun, so my mother and a few friends made it a day-long event and headed out into the madness on Saturday! My trip to the Outlet Stores and the mall was quite successful. Here's a few favorite items I purchased:

Forever 21 Bodycon Skirt - Purchase
This is probably one the most comfortable skirts I own! I purchased it at Forever 21 for a little over $10 and I love the exposed zipper on the back. I don't have a red skirt in my closet, so I had to take this home with me.

Ann Taylor Tweed Skirt - Purchase Similar
The last skirt in a size 0p and on super super sale, hanging on the was meant to be!

Epic Threads Ruffle Cardigan @ Macy's - Purchase on sale!
My mother and I strolled into the children's section at Macy's to purchase a birthday gift for my little cousin. I came across this beautiful ruffle cardigan and was determined to find an XL. Guess what? I did, and I might be paying a monthly visit to the children's section again! ;)

Ann Taylor Ruffle Tank - Purchase Similar
This tank pairs perfectly with a blazer or cardigan!

 Ann Taylor Ruffle Tank - Purchase Similar on sale!
....also purchased in mauve! Please excuse the wrinkles - i wore this tank today! ;)

Ann Taylor Sleeveless Collared Shirt - Purchase Similar
I definitely need to wear a tank top underneath this shirt, but I can't wait to wear this to work!

 Youth Cherokee Rain Boots @ Target - Purchase
(better deal in-stores)
This is probably one my my most exciting purchases! Target was clearing off their shelves, and I managed to grab these for next-to-nothing. Due to the rain here in Florida, these boots have really come in handy over the last few days. I no longer have to worry about wearing suede heels to work. If it rains, I throw my shoes into my bag and walk out with these babies! I understand the print may be a tad bit too girly...but I love 'em, and at $8, can I really complain?

How was your Labor Day weekend? For those in the corporate, nine-to-five's to a quick and easy four-day work week! ;)

xoxo, natasha


  1. Cute things! I love that red skirt and I bet you will look amazing in it! I also love the tweed skirt(I'm loving skirts in general). My weekend was pretty relaxing. I'm leaving for Vegas on Friday so I needed some down time ;)

  2. I like all the items you purchased, especially the AT tweed many styling possibilities :)

  3. Cute rain boots. I been thinking of getting a pair.

  4. Sweet haul!

  5. Great purchases!


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