Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Fairytale Wedding?

I've been on a wedding kick lately! I was never one of those girls who "dreamed" about her fairytale wedding! I always said I'd probably just get hitched at the courthouse. I'll have to retract those high school statements. Now that I'm older, I definitely want to have a wedding...where? I haven't figured that out... I have a lot of time to think about it. [I can almost hear the BF's huge sigh of relief...lol]

I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the Kim Kardashian wedding. While I'm not quite sure how I feel about her over-exposed life, I must say I fell in love with many of the details I saw in her two-part Wedding series that aired last week on E! From the monogram logo to the reception center pieces to that enormous multi-layer wedding cake, Kim's wedding planner [Sharon Sacks] deserves major props:

  Photo Credit: Us Weekly

What did you think about Mrs. Humphries wedding day?

xoxo, natasha


  1. Although she is overexposed I do have to admit, I love watching the Kardashians and her wedding was amazing. It's like catch 22, you keep telling yourself to not watch it, but you can't help it :) She basically got the entire wedding payed for. . wouldn't that be a luxury? Great photos, don't you love the dresses?

  2. I don't know why, but I always enjoy watching the Kardashians. I find them so funny, at time ridiculous, and very stylish too. Kim's wedding was gorgeous. I didn't agree with everything she did, but many of the details were amazing.


  3. I actually loved Kim's wedding. I think she got some flak from people who thought her hairpiece and dress were over the top, but hello? Would we expect anything else?! I thought she looked gorgeous as always :)

  4. @Jen - I loved her reception dresses, but really didn't care for the "isle dress"... too Disney princess for me! lol :)

    @Marie - Their entire family is hilarious and outright blunt! Loved seeing the dynamic of bringing in a "new man" into the family.

    @Noelle - I know! Did we really expect to see her get hitched any other way?!? haha!

  5. Great to see this awesome wedding. Everything looks really best, especially the bridal gown. I am also getting married soon at one of Los Angeles venue and planning to have a wonderful wedding gown designed by a famous designer.


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