Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trending: "The Trench"

It's Fall and the perfect time of year to bring out the Trench. Cold weather here in Florida is very limited, so I take every opportunity to wear my coats. Last year I was able to find the cutest, cropped trench coat that I love from Coach, but I'm still on the hunt for a standard trench. Have any ideas? Please share them with me!

Bloggers looking good in "the Trench"...

Monica @ Bespoke

Rachel @ HellousDaily

Vanessa @ Spookbook

Khatu @ I am Khatu

  Kendi @ Kendi Everyday

Jean @ Extra Petite

Una @ Sanctuary

My top Trench picks for this season ...

 Classic Trench $198 @ Banana Republic

Miss Sixty Roll Sleeve Trench Coat $67 @ Overstock

Tall double-cloth townhouse trench $360 @ JCrew

Calvin Klein Trench Raincoat $120 @ Lord and Taylor

Double-Breasted Trench $55 @ dELiAs

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  1. love a good trench!

    xoxo navy & orange

  2. the trench is so stylish. the outfits you've selected are very stylish!

  3. You can't go wrong with a trench! I love the girls you featured, they all look fabulous! I wish I had some good recs, but I feel like even though trench coats are everywhere, a good fitting one is hard to find. I hope you do!

  4. i love all these photos!!! trench coats are def a must have! :)


  5. @navyandorange @Living_in_aShoe @Kat - Thank you ladies :)

    @Noelle - You're right! Finding the perfect trench is like searching for a pair of jeans. It's difficult to get the right fit.

  6. The trench is such a classic. I'm loving JCrew's.

  7. I think the first BR trench you posted looks classic! Pick that one! ;-)

  8. Count me in as another trench lover- my vote goes for the Townhouse Trench (I love it!).

  9. great post! love all the lovely bloggers in their trenches and your picks! I'm definitely a fan of the trench coat!

  10. Man that one from J.Crew is sooo nice. But I never look good in trenches :(

  11. Love this post. Trenches are definitely my fave coat during the Fall. I've been wearing my trench non-stop! You chose some great photos, I got some new ideas now for my trech! :) Can't wait to do an outfit post with it as well.



  12. Now I need a trench coat ;)


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