Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review: Recent Purchases

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I've been in-and-out of the malls a lot recently! I'm off work until the New Year, so Christmas shopping has kept me quite busy! The initial goal was to purchase gifts, however, the deals have been a little too sweet to pass by. Also, it doesn't help that bloggers are so great at reviewing new merchandise, it's hard to disregard, and not run into the stores to try it on for myself. Here are a few of my most recent purchases [I am quite excited about]:

Striped Dress: GAP (similar) Blouse: Banana Republic (similar), Polka Dot Sweater: Old Navy (buy; $15 in stores), Sleeveless Blouses: H&M (item #057592), Tweed Skirt: GAP (similar)

It's hard to choose a favorite, but the sleeveless kelly green and ivory blouses from H&M comes quite close. Locating new merchandise in small sizes at H&M is a challenge, so when I found out that the spring line was slowly debuting, I literally started to stalk my local store. I'm always a bit weary about the quality of their items, but I have to say H&M surprises me every now-and-then. Plus, the $17.95 price was music to my ears.

The blouses are made of 100% polyester and is reminiscent of something I've seen in Ann Taylor and Banana Republic's spring and summer collections. The kelly green color is gorgeous and I grabbed the ivory for practicality. If you're lucky enough to find one in your size, I recommend you take it home with you. The blouse looks amazing paired with jeans and heels for a night out, or tucked into a pencil skirt for work. I can't wait to wear it!

You can also read Jean's review here.

Are you guilty of shopping for yourself this Christmas season? Share your finds in the comment section below!

Just three more days left ladies! I have a little bit more shopping to do tomorrow! Wish me luck :).

I'm going to spend as much time relaxing and enjoying family during the Holidays... be back in the New Year with posts! I'll be tweeting as usual, so feel free to follow me in TwitterLand.

xoxo, natasha


  1. love those h&m blouses! so cute and great to layer

  2. Absolutely! I'm probably just as guilty as you are. When Urban Outfitters had a 70% off sale items event, i rushed over the next day and saw the most amazing brown lace-up ankle boots with a little tassle on the front. It went from $70 to only $39.99 and i COULD NOT resist. A lot of stores have been marking down prices this holiday season and I also ended shopping for myself first instead of others' gifts! >.< HAHA! But, the two H&M blouses you got are a MUST so thumbs up on those. (:


  3. So nice items you found. My favorite is the polka dot jumper, want it too!!!
    Lovely blog my dear, take a lokk on mine adn if you like we could follow each other?
    Much love,

  4. Lovely things!like dotter top and green one

  5. I love the Old Navy sweater! I brought it in navy, didn't know they sold it in pink too!

    Merry Christmas! xo Ashleigh

  6. Lovely

  7. U got quite a the polka dot sweater..

    i am following you, follow back please..

  8. I bought the same shirts from h&m!

  9. I like the polkadot sweater, it looks yummy!
    happy holidays


  10. Aww i love all the items you got here

    Sweet polka dot sweater.Thanks for the commenr dear

  11. Oooh, I love the green sleeveless top! And at under $20...a great find!!
    I wish I was doing more shopping during this break. I am so jealous! I am knee-deep in cleaning and taking care of my hubby (who had knee surgery a couple days ago). I might just have to take a couple hours and sneak out to the mall after this inspirational post!! Lol!

    XO - Marion

  12. Great finds! I love H&M =) and yes I agree small sizes are hard to find
    Style in the City

  13. I love those sleevless blouses :)

  14. Great picks! I especially love the pink polka dot sweater. Super cute!

  15. Just came across your blog and love all these shirts you have bought! The green and white ones are so versatile! I am now following you to keep up with more of your posts!

    Feel free to check out my blog -

    Abbie x

  16. That's such nice blouses!
    I really like the green one!


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