Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sale Alert: Up to 70% Off at Nine West

I'm a huge Nine West fan. Especially because I tend to find some great items during sales and luckily I live close to an outlet store where prices are very generous. Most of their shoes are great quality and I love that they offer a wide selection for both work and play!

I have good news! Nine West is continuing their "Up to 70% off" sale and there are a ton of gorgeous shoes available at great prices. Wait, there's more! It looks like shipping is FREE for a limited time. If you haven't already, take a peek at their site. In just a few days I noticed that the selection of sizes available are thinning.

Although I'm probably the last person who should be buying new shoes, I couldn't let this sale [and FREE shipping] pass me by. Today I quickly put these two shoes into my shopping cart and clicked on the purchase button!

Style Name: "AroundTown" (Teal)
Original Price: $99 Sale Price: $29.70

Style Name: "Mega"
(Natural Leather)
Original Price: $99 Sale Price: $49.50

What do you think about Nine West shoes? Will you be participating in the New Year sale?

xoxo, natasha


  1. i both love and hate you for sharing this!

  2. Those first one are just soooo adorable.

    xoxo Ra

  3. those are so beautiful, i can't blame you for buying them!

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. those blue heels are so pretty!

    1. Thanks! I was excited when they arrived and actually fit me perfectly! xo, tasha

  5. OMG I need that first pair in my life! Gorgeous!

    Thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog! Comparing my style to "mad man" is such a compliment <3



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