Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Did It

After two years of managing the conflicting demands of graduate school, my career and personal life, I FINALLY received my Masters of Business Administration degree! I never thought this day would come. Especially when I found myself buried in stacks of books, stressed about a 40-page report due the following day, and missing out on all the fun weekend trips I told my friends I couldn't participate in! THE DAY arrived and with all my family and friends in attendance.

When you set such a challenging goal for yourself, you know it'll take dedication and perseverance to get to the finish line. But I never knew the sense of satisfaction I'd feel. I walked across that brightly lit stage, heard my name read out loud and couldn't help but whisper "...damn, I'm proud of myself." My career is headed in a direction I never thought it would and I'm excited about the opportunities that have presented itself to me! Hard work does pay off. It isn't just a slogan.

Over the years I've been encouraged by all the stories I've read through your blogs and appreciate every one of you who have let me into your lives by posting comments and connecting with me via twitter or email. This is what life is all about. Learning, supporting and improving... each and every day.



  1. Congrats Natasha! What a huge sense of accomplishment. An MBA is no easy feat, I'm sure. Great job :)

    1. Thank you Noelle! It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be #unrealisticexpectations ;) xo, tasha

  2. That is such a great achievement! Congratulations!!!


  3. congratulations!

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