Monday, October 21, 2013

Trending: [Faux] Leather Accents

When I purchased my first pair of (faux) leather shorts, I'm not going to lie. I thought it would end up in the corner of my closet I call "lost." To my surprise, I wore it nearly every weekend. Not only was it the perfect "summer-to-fall" transition quickly turned into a "year-long staple." Glad I held on to 'em. Two years later, the ladies in the blog-o-sphere are rockin' leather more than ever... and so am I!


Emily @ The Sweetest Thing

 Pepa @ The Rubber Doll

Jessye @ City Tonic

Borks @ Chic Fashion World

You won't have a hard time finding affordable leather pieces. I took my search to Google and was overwhelmed by all the options available. Cap-sleeve dresses, leggings and even cut-out peplums. Leather is integrated in just about anything these days. Here are five leather picks I'd like to take home:

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Are you wearing more leather these days?
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  1. Loving all these leather looks! But Jessye and Pepa are my faves!!

    Life in the Fash Lane

    1. Love their style! Thanks for visiting XO!

  2. Loving that the leather look is in! I'm going to get a leather sleeve T this weekend and hopefully some leggings if I'm brave enough :) haha

    1. Amy, I'm thinking about purchasing the leather tee'll look great with a pair of skinnys and riding boots! xo, tasha

  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Tasha!! I love how you are able to show us a variety of ways on how we can tie leather into our outfits!!



  4. I am all about leather! Love the looks you shared :)

    //Birdie Shoots//

  5. Absolutely loving the leather looks. Been a look I have been wanting for a while now..

  6. I really love wearing leather - I have my leather vest on repeat right now!
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. I love the pepa and borks posts! I was looking at some leather jackets, haven't bought one but I've always liked them. Now might be a good time to get a deal!

    -Chrissy of

    Latest Post: Cruelty Free Nanshy Amazing Eye Brush Set

  8. I love leather, but just bits and pieces of it in outfits. I am too afraid to wear full leather anything, so buying a pieces with the arms, or touches in the pants it totally my way or working leather into an outfit! Love your blog :)

    xo Mel

  9. Totally love the faux leather accents or pieces in any outfit.. by any means! I seriously feel like all I have been buying as of late is faux leather, when really, when is too much too much? Love the trend!


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