Friday, November 1, 2013

Splurge vs. Steal: Heeled Sandals with Metal Trim

We’ve all heard about statement jewelry, but have you heard the expression STATEMENT FOOTWEAR? These ASOS sandals are just that. I recently purchased a pair as a birthday present for one of my best friends. When I received the shipment in the mail, I remember being disappointed that her shoe size wasn't smaller. If it was, these seriously may have found their way into my shoe closet!
 / SPLURGE $80 / HONG KONG Heeled Sandals / Purchase Here, Here, Here /

  / STEAL $37 / Luxe Stiletto Sandals / Purchase Here /

Bloggers do it better! It’s always fun to see how other bloggers style those fashion items we all seem to obsess over. These ladies rocked their metal trim stilettos. And after seeing the three looks below, I’m even more tempted to rock a pair myself!

 / BLOGGERS / 1 / 2 / 3

Splurge or steal?



  1. Great post and those heels are gorgeous :)

  2. I do love these heels but they do look rather uncomfy to wear.


  3. I like the steals better. In my price range, look just as good as the splurges, and I like the colors better. Late commenting from the Fresh Friday Link up!

  4. Thank you for highlighting the less expensive options!

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