Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Splurge vs. Steal: Sequined Leggings

Is it too early to think about New Years Eve? I've always been partial to dresses. I mean, it's the official uniform for most ladies that night. But, let's be real. I'm always freezing because most of our events are outdoors. PLUS, these fun, sparkle showstoppers appear to be waaay comfortable and friendly to my dance moves [yes, I can get down]. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I just might be "open" to the idea of ditching the dress and reaching for a pair of sequined leggings!

 / SPLURGE / Tuxedo Sequined Leggings / Purchase Here, Here /

  / STEAL / Sequin Front Leggings / Purchase Here, Here /

Bloggers do it better! One thing I've learned from blogging is to take more fashion risks. It's even easier when there's tons of inspiration all around you. If you're unsure about how to style a pair of sequined leggings, check out these 3 looks below:

  / BLOGGERS / 1 / 2 / 3

Would you ever wear sequined leggings?



  1. those sequined leggings are fab! :)

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    1. Aren't they gorgeous, Jenniya! xo, tasha

  2. I think I love the steal version more!!! :-)


  3. Oh my gosh. How amazing are these leggings?! I need a pair of these in my life right now! What an awesome post!

  4. I love all the inspiration that surrounds us in the blog world! As for new years eve, I think I'm going to try rocking a pair of leather leggings!

  5. Wow, those bloggers' looks are so adorable!

    -Allie @ LunaVida

  6. I like those Limited ones!

  7. I don't see myself wearing these leggings. Since I don't wear legging that much

  8. Sequined leggings are so fun! I really like The Limited's version!

  9. I actually think the steals look just as good... The Limited's look the same as the Michael Kors'!

  10. It's never too early to think about NYE- especially for me, since that's also my birthday! ;)

    I love all the sequined leggings you found- and the "steal" versions look just as chic as the "splurge"! Love that. :)


  11. I have been in love with sequin leggings for a while, but have persuaded myself against buying them becuase I cant wear them often enough..sigh..but such a greate collection here..

  12. Im currently on the hunt for the perfect sequin blazer but I am LOVING these leggings. My favorite ones you featured are actually the $59 ones! So cute!!

  13. I need to try out sequin leggings! They will be perfect for New Year's Eve!

  14. I love the Mk leggings! It's definitely a fun alternative to a sequin skirt or dress :)

  15. Amazing selection! So great:)

  16. Man, who would have thought sequined pants would be so wearable?! I love all of these styles and I love the way the bloggers have worn them. Adding sequined leggings to my wishlist :)

  17. I am loving these leggings! Make sure to stop by my blog to enter in a chance to win a Nordstrom giftcard!


  18. This reminds me of a sequined Bebe jumpsuit I have hanging on my closet. Maybe I can put something over it and end up with pants! Love this look!



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