Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Grammy Awards: Who Wore it Best?

Just two weeks ago, I was googling over Sosie Bacon's Golden Globe dress. Last night, Taylor Swift kinda took my breath away. That sparkly, silver and gold Gucci gown was made perfectly for her. As soon as she graced the red carpet, I wanted to know if I could try it on myself. Think Neiman carries it? My guess would be no.

Taylor Swift (in all her grace) - Gucci

Ciara - Emilio Pucci

 Chrissy Teigen - Johanna Johnson

 Colbie Callait - Ezra Couture, Claude Morady Estate Jewelry, ITA Collection

 Giuliana Rancic - Alex Perry and Marina B. 

Iggy Azalea - Elle Saab and Jennifer Fisher

Who do you think wore it best last night?


  1. I didn't see the Grammy but have been keeping up with last night's fashion through blogs. All the gowns are gorgeous. I really enjoy Guiliana Rancic's dress because it's bright and orange. Thanks for sharing. Have a good night.
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  2. I love Taylor's gown too
    and I wish Giuliana wouldn't wear her hair like that
    I like it when she just lets her hair down to cover some of her forehead... don't get me wrong I love G and her hubby... just sayin' something about her hairstyle.


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