Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Splurge vs. Steal: The Portfolio Tote

The perfect work tote must be able to carry my Macbook Pro, Coach portfolio binder and Kate Spade umbrella. AND, Let's just hope there's some extra space for the wallet, sunglasses case and business card holder. It's not an easy task to find something that will keep up with my busy schedule. I need a bag that will maintain it's quality throughout the year, looks good with anything I wear, and can handle a little rough play. I think I found that bag...

/ SPLURGE / $425 / Everlane The Portfolio Tote / Purchase Here /

    / STEAL / $168 / Madewell The Transport Tote / Purchase Here /

Bloggers do it better! A work tote isn't just a necessity, it's an accessory! These three, stylish ladies  made a statement, when they ventured out with their nothing-but-business bags:

 1 / 2 / 3

What are your work tote must-haves?




  1. They are both cute! But I honestly like the cognac accents on the steal option! And the price is great, too!

    1. Laura, Can you believe some people still refuse to mix the two colors (black and brown)? I love the combination :) XO!

  2. I had to downsize my work bag because the bigger I carry, the more I will stuff it. I'm down to - my laptop, laptop cord, small pouch for necessities (wallet, gloss, powder, meds), sunglass case. That cognac tote is beautiful!

    1. I have this very same problem, Carylee. The BIGGER the bag, the MORE I carry! :) xo, tasha


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