Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh, New Summer Bedding

I wanted to purchase a new comforter set, now that I'm fully settled into my New York apartment. It's taken me a month to find the perfect bedding. There are so many options out there, and It was difficult to find exactly what I wanted....oh yes, of course I had a pretty strict list of must-haves for this new addition:
  1. Must be 100% cotton. So many cheaply-made comforters are itchy and end up flat only after a few washes. Polyester is the enemy. lol
  2. Must be a solid color. I wanted something calming, inviting and versatile. I've always had a lot of splashes of colors and prints, so it'll be nice to try something new. This time my decor pieces will do all the work. My bedding...not so much!
  3. Must be under $100. The biggest challenge. Most quality comforter sets are well over a hundred bucks and I was hoping for matching shams (at the very least).
While all the options below didn't meet every single requirement, they were certainly close contenders.

a / b / c / d / e

Are you looking to revamp your bedding this season?
Ps. I ended up with option A and love it ;) Use code: COLLEGE at Target to receive $10 off any home purchase $50 or more.



  1. Haha my husband and I were JUST shopping for new bedding this weekend and we almost bought one at Bed Bath & Beyond (that looks just like that purple one, but in cream) and we realized it was literally 2X as expensive! So we're definitely going to Target instead ;)

    1. Liz, there are so many great options at affordable prices. I'm loving Target even more after this purchase! :) xo, tasha

  2. Option A would have been my pick for you too! It's looks so luxe and comfortable. I actually love shopping for bedding, but we are done for awhile!

    1. Ha! Purple is my favorite color... it's too perfect :) XO!

  3. Option A was a nice pick! Lovely colour :)

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