Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wedding Wednesday: The Guide to the Guides

Whether you're planning a budget or narrowing down your play list, it's always nice to get some insight from those ladies who have done it first. These are some of the most helpful wedding blog posts I've read over the last few months.

10 Things Your Wedding Guests Don’t Care About
Funny that the things that matter most to your guests are the things many brides spend the least on!

10 Questions to Ask Your Photographer
Photography can be very expensive. This blog post highlights all the questions you should ask your prospective photographers before hiring them.

50 Songs for a Dramatic Wedding Reception Grand Entrance
This will help you narrow down your song choices for one of the most anticipated moments at the reception.

23 Questions to Ask My Wedding Venue
I seriously wish I had this list with me when I was looking for venues. You'd be surprised to know that many venues don't allow you to do typical "wedding things," like laying rose petals along the ceremony isle and using sparklers during the send-off.

Wedding Budget Tip #16: Choose in season flowers
Selecting flowers that are in season can save you BIG TIME. If your bouquet is a priority for your big day, use this guide to select a corresponding wedding date so you can save some mulah!

Who Gets Tipped At a Wedding?
With all the built-in service fees, this guide has helped me understand common tip practice for the wedding industry.

50+ Things Not to Forget at Your Wedding 
This is a good printable list to keep handy while you plan your wedding.

Best Tips Ever on How to Write Your Own Vows
I love anything that keeps the ceremony special and unique. Nothing does that best than reciting words from the heart.

12 Secrets Your Wedding Coordinator Forgot To Tell You
Read this before you turn into bridezilla ;)

What tips do you recommend for brides-to-be as they plan their big day?



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    1. Hoping this post will help others gain a 'lil insight as they plan their BIG day.
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